Vichy No Marks Roll-On Deodorant Set 4 X 50Ml



Fight sweat and odour without tell-tale white marks with the VICHY No Marks Roll-on Deodorant Set. Boasting a quick-drying formula, this anti-perspirant is designed to keep your under-arms fresh with up to 48-hours of protection. The alcohol-free deodorant features a rollerball applicator that glides on effortlessly, resisting the appearance of yellow marks on lighter clothes and white marks on darker clothes. Infused with a host of nourishing ingredients, the roll-on utilises Aluminium Salt to help regulate perspiration and the brand’s Mineralizing Water to calm and fortify the skin. This product is suitable for men, women and sensitive skin types, leaving the delicate under-arms feeling clean and comfortable after every use. Ideal for post-shower application, the VICHY deodorant provides efficient protection from unwarranted odour without depositing a chalky residue atop the skin. Free from parabens and alcohol. The Set Contains: Vichy No Marks Roll-On Deodorant (4 x 50ml)

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